Gilford Hills was built in 1973 and was originally just a tennis club operating under the name Lakeshore Tennis Center. The club went through some tough times in the late 1970’s and was sold at auction. The management of the club was leased to Hatfield Tennis Management Inc. Eventually, the club was sold. Upon the purchase, the club was renamed to Gilford Hills Club. These next owners are credited with being perhaps the most involved owners in the history of  the club. With children highly interested in tennis and a great business vision, these two owners brought the club back to the top. A few short years of endless hours and constant attention, Gilford Hills was sold.

The year was 1990 and the new owner with an interest in Racquetball, purchased the club with hopes to keep the same level of operation that the previous owners had maintained. This proved to be a bit more difficult than originally figured. In 2003 the club was sold to Adam Angle.

Adam Angle, a lifetime resident of Gilford and the Lakes Region, identified Gilford Hills as a tremendous community resource. One of which is far too important and valuable to see disappear. Adam purchased the club with this in mind and has made, and is making, every effort to secure Gilford Hill’s longevity and future here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.